A Process Designed For You

Every project hinges on our commitment to perfectly represent your organization and execute everything with excellence.


Before we do anything, we want to get to know you and hear your vision for the facility. In this phase, we will do acoustic testing, research your local privacy laws, and identify any acoustic problems that may arise and hinder your design.

  • We will meet with you to completely understand the clients needs. We will discuss the purpose of the room, building or campus, who you serve, and what your vision is moving forward.
  • We will look at all existing/proposed room construction, room finishes, and room functions as well as aesthetic, performance, and budget goals.


What are you looking for and what are you not looking for? These two questions work as our guidelines in our design development and while creating a schematic design.

Schematic Design
  • Based on the discovery phase, we develop concepts to represent our proposed solution(s). We begin to explore budgeting to help find feasibility. An overall flow of space, objects, walls, floors, and doors begins to take shape. Every part of this phase is communicated to you to ensure you are always in the loop.
  • In terms of archtiectural acoustics and noise and vibration control, this phase includes ALL the detailed and extensive acoustical modeling and simulations.
Design Development
  • We work with other design consultants to coordinate all the details pertaining to the project. At this point, we assess feasibility and explore new solutions to any barriers that arise, obtaining further verification for each revision.
  • Findings Reports are reviewed and refined per communications with the client.
  • In the Design Development phase materials, equipment, pathways and the like are identified and spelled out in more detail.


Finally, we will provide you with documents detailing what we found and what we recommend. Not only will we provide you with the blueprint, but we are also more than happy to work with you to make sure the plan is implemented with excellence.

Construction Documents
  • We review the work of the architect and the electrical and structural engineers to ensure that they have coordinated the design correctly.
  • In the case of architectural acoustics and noise and vibration control, our details are brought into architectural documents by others and our role is to review and ensure the proper details are represented.
  • At the Construction Document stage all details, materials and equipment are completely represented in full. The contractor is given a comprehensive plan to execute the design vision.
Construction Administration
  • We provide services to review, inspect and coordinate with the contractors who are building the completed design. Providing reports to the architect and developing solutions of issues realized during construction.
  • This is the review, inspection and possible testing of designed architectural and noise/vibration systems. This can be remote but typically is on-site.
  • Construction Administration is a combination of project tracking and the oversight of proper means, methods and techniques utilized by the builder/installer to ensure best practices are utilized.
  • Finally, we provide you with all the drawings, specifications, and reports so you can launch a facility that is functional and provides a “wow” factor!

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