Corporate Headquarters

When the highly esteemed Bona Vita Architecture reached out to us regarding Do It Best moving their HQ to the newly redeveloped Electric Works Campus in Fort Wayne, we were excited. While they loved the large open spaces, gaining control of the sound environment was going to be a real challenge for the desired open office plan, large conference room and connecting spaces.

Extensive acoustic modeling was conducted, analyzing speech intelligibility, sound pressure levels and decay times, ensuring consistency in various settings throughout. Based on our findings we proposed two different yet complimentary methods to achieve a high level of acoustical performance.

The first tool employed to bring these large, open, reflective spaces into a respectable and useable range of performance was the strategic placement of absorptive acoustical panels. We then designed a state of the art sound masking system to take speech privacy in the shared spaces to a whole other level.

The sound masking system design utilized must be heard to be believed. Please see the following link for a fantastic example of this system in action, as well as impressions from Do It Best Director of Communication Randy Rusk and system installer, CSD Group Sales Associate Jared Schortgen :