Doug Hood

Doug Hood is President and Owner, leading the team at dBA Design Group. In 2016 founder Tom Lorenzen approached Doug Hood to lead the new team and carry on the dBA legacy. Tom worked with Doug and his team on several projects and was confident that Doug could nurture the values that define dBA; high-level professional acoustic work coupled with personal interaction and customer service.

For over 20 years, Doug has brought together teams of talented people to collaborate on acoustical & technology projects throughout the United States; notably Clinton Frame Church – Goshen, IN (architectural and Constellation active acoustics and audio/visual/lighting systems), Inspiring Body of Christ – Dallas, TX (high performance audio/visual/lighting systems), Faith Church – Dyer, IN (architectural acoustics, production & broadcast systems).

Doug holds a BS from Taylor University in Music Composition and Bible. He is a Certified Auditioner® Designer, Certified Church Consultant (CCC), and utilizes EASE, CAD and TEF. He is also the Worship Leader at Central Ministries, Fort Wayne, IN.