Principal Consultant

Glenn Peacock

Glenn Peacock has served as a technology expert and specialty consultant with some of the nation’s leading architectural firms on projects throughout North America. As a musician, producer and engineer Glenn began his career in recording production in the late 1970’s; he was mentored by a top CBC producer in the construction of a recording studio south of Montreal Canada. Through this experience Glenn began a journey that ultimately lead to his practicing the art of technology design in all areas including workflow, function, and performance with physics and science as a cornerstone for over 30 years.

Some of Glenn’s distinctive projects include the Bio Design institute at Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ (consultation, project definition, room/space analysis), The Musical Instruments Museum, Phoenix, AZ (performance audio, distributed audio/visual systems), and UCSD Experimental Music Theater, University of California, San Diego (Constellation active acoustics, performance audio system). Glenn utilizes EASE, MAPP, Modeler®/Auditioner® Viewport, Soundvision, and Odeon 13 in acoustic modeling. He is an expert user of AutoCAD and SketchUp Pro, as well as Revit capable in his design work.